Amazing Features of Result-Oriented Spy Phone Mobile Tracking Software

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February 26th, 2015

best cell phone spying software feature

best cell phone spying software

Cell phone tracker is a unique tool which enables you to record all the call data which you are aiming to collect from your cellphone call records. Tracker software track call records with the help of person calling and receiving calls. The tracker software is able to track the call data only if sender and receiver have not blocked the other user. With the help of this result-oriented software date, time and duration of call can also be recorded.

GPS Cell phone tracker can be used to find out the location of the target smartphone and it will send the data in every 30 minutes to the dashboard and the user can save it wherever he/she will like .GPS tracker can also find a detailed map of your targeted smartphone and in this way you can track the exact location of your stolen smart phone. With the help of tracker software text messages data can also be recorded. Text messages data can be extracted from the number which send the text messages and the number which receive the text messages. The record of text messages comprises of date and time of text messages sent.

Browsing history of targeted cell phone can also be tracked with the help of these. You can access browsing data with the help of this highly effective tracking software. Information of the targeted cell phone that this software can extract are website address and the date at which particular website was visited by a targeted phone owner.

Core Functionality of Mobile Tracking App

As soon as you click on free download button this app will redirect you on google android store and there you can conveniently click on installation button to install this highly effective and result-oriented app on your very own cell phone. Installation will hardly take 30 seconds and after that cell phone spying tools will collect particular data for your review. You can upload your desired data from your very own spyphone online account. This process will hardly take 5-10 minutes. If you wish to uninstall this application than it will only take 15 seconds to complete this action Spy phone software is highly effective, because it is capitalizing central server logging system and with the help of this cell phone spying software all the activities performed by the targeted cell phone can easily be tracked in split seconds. Using this spying software is easy. You can just log on to The account information should be the same as you have utilized while installing this app on your cell phone. As soon as account is created an email will be sent on your email address. Remember the smartphone in which you are installing this app must be in your personal use, otherwise it will be ambiguous for you to handle installation issues.

Basic Question Asked by End Users

What is the cost of this Tracking Software?

Well good news for you that this software is absolutely free. With the help of this free version you can use up to 5 smartphones from your control panel which was assigned to you after your first download. You can use single username and password to install this cell phone spying app in other smart phones. More than five phones is not allowed in any case

Can we use cell phone spying software in USA?

Yes cell phone spying apps can be used in USA. The offices of spy phone software is in New Jersey. This software is fabricated by USA based company and it is registered under US based trademark.

Which Kind of Information we can extract from mobile spy software?

Following all the activities that this software will track.

• All outgoing calls can be recorded with the time, date and duration and phone number of user.

• All incoming calls can be recorded with the time, date and duration and phone number of user.

• It can track record of all the websites visited by targeted cell phone.

• This software use cell phone spying devices to track location of the targeted cell phone with the help of GPS technology.

• Text messages data like; phone number, time, date, text messages sent and received can be tracked from the targeted phone.

All of the features mentioned above can be executed with the help of central server. You have to use your username and password to access software for cell phone spying.

In how many phones this software can be installed?

Wide range of cell phones can support this app. Some of them are


• Samsung

• Motorolla

• Sony

• Android 2.2X

• Android 2.3X

• Android 4.0X

detailed list of the supported phone models can be found here 

What is the installation Process of this app?

Installing of this app consists of following simple steps

• Just click on free download button and it will redirect you google play android page and in this way you can make cell phone spying software free download. It will take hardly 30 seconds to complete the installation.

• Installation of these cell phone spying apps is pretty much identical to the other software android application.

• Like other android app you have to create your username and password to get access to this amazing app.

• To get access of detailed information you can access to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to know completely regarding this spy phone app.

How to Un-Install this Tracking Software?

Un Installing of this app consists of following simple steps.

• If you want to uninstall this spy phone app, it will hardly take 30 seconds.

• You have to click to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>spy phone>Force Stop> and in this way this software will completely perished from your cell phone.

• For detailed information you can visit FAQ section from

Are you providing any support services?

Currently no such support services are available for this cell phone spying software, but still you can send us your queries to our website and we will try our level best to fix any ambiguous issues by accessing your control panel.

Can this software be used in any country?

Yes this software can be used in any country, but there are some legal issues. The point is that the cell phone in which you are using and installing this cell phone should be in your personal use and your usage should be in accordance of rules and regulation defined on our personal website.

Is it necessary to own my cell phone to use this App?

Yes, to use this app cell phone or smartphone should be in your procession and this limitation is executed to avoid any kind of mishap.

Tracking Your Children’s Activities with This Spy Phone App

Most of the parents are pretty much worried regarding the activities that their children usually performed on their cell phones. Most of the children are involved in accessing sexual content and doing sexting with their mates and the most bad thing is that most of the children are doing these kind of pathetic activities in teenage. Here is some statistics which will show the activities by children on their cell phones.

• This is a research that average teen ager usually send 3000 texts every month out of which a huge quantity contain content which is not good for their better mental and physical growth.

• Another research should that 6% of children are sending and receiving bad text messages to their mates.

• Research also showed that out of this 6% almost 50% don’t like these kind of messages.

• Every child out of 13 is involved in sending and receiving nasty messages.

• Researched also showed that from the past years or so children are more interested in cell phone instead of using social media and chat groups.

The spy phone mobile tracking software has come up with good news for parents. Now they can keep track of each and every activity which their children usually performed on their cell phones. Well this spy phone, mobile tracking software has brought revolution to track text messages data, call data and browsing data and in this way parents can track each and every strange act of their children.

Free cell phone tracker online enables you to manage your backup records.

Spy phone software will help you to track a wide range of information related to your cell phone. This information includes.

• With the help of this software you can track record of calls, text messages and browsing data.

• With the help of GPS technology you can also access to your stolen phone.

• To enjoy these features you should agree the terms and conditions.

• You can only install the software if you personally own the cell phone, otherwise it is not legal to use this app.

Still you have some confusion to understand the core functionality of this spy phone mobile tracking software?

You can consider cell phone spying software free download to track record of valuable information related to your cell phone like; calls, text messages and browsing data on your cell phone. Don’t waste time, just install this amazing app and enjoy!

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