Now You Can Use Bitcoin to Buy SpyPhoneOnline

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November 8th, 2014

use Bitcoin to Buy SpyPhone software

use Bitcoin to Buy SpyPhone software

You should be advised that we are now accepting Bitcoin for transactions. Yes, we understand that payment through bitcoin is not a mainstream thing and people are not used to it, but still many people still like to use digital currency for transactions.

We love innovative technologies, like you can see how we invented Spyphone, an invention that could change history of parental control. So you should not feel surprised when we added bitcoin as a payment method for SpyPhoneOnline, it is quite a usual thing for us.

Bitcoin is a Digital Currency which is under the authority of no Country or any type of Government. All the money systems are always under the authority of private monopolies like Federal reserves or in some case Government but none of them has power over bitcoin. It was introduced in 2009 and there are many criticisms on it due to it being open source software.

The main reason why Bitcoin came into existence is the control of private institutes and world economy who only care about themselves over the current money system. As open source software, bitcoin will help people get freedom from such private institutes and self interests governments. However, Bitcoin do pose a threat to world order, but still they are now becoming quite common in the mainstream economy and it seems people are not going to let it end so easily.

It is becoming so common that there is even a Bitcoin ATM machine in Canada!

With such increase of acceptance of Bitcoin, you can now easily use Bitcoin to buy SpyPhoneOnline just by contacting our live chat. They will provide you with a bitcoin address and at the same time rate will be decided. As soon as bitcoin are transferred to us, we will provide you with a license to use SpyPhoneOnline. Furthermore, as an added bonus, you will receive a 5% bonus on all transactions made using bitcoin just like we provide on Wire Transfer and Web Money methods.

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