5 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids are Safe on the Internet

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October 9th, 2014

spy on kids

spy on kids

Just think about it, What if your kid is chatting with a friend and suddenly a message from a stranger comes. What do you think your kid will do? Is he going to come straight to you and tell you that a stranger is talking to them or they will just keep talking to find out who the stranger is?

The good news is, there is always a solution to almost every problem. And with this simple guide on how to make sure your kids are safe on the internet, you can easily have all the knowledge of what your kids are doing on the internet.

Understand the social media usage

Here are the top 3 most commonly used social media networks by teen which you should know about.

  1. Facebook – according to a recent study, more than 94% of U.S teens have a profile on this social media network, so it is almost impossible your kid doesn’t have one.
  2. Twitter – 26% of total teens in U.S are using Twitter.
  3. Instagram – and a total of 11% of U.S teens have active profiles on this Social media site.

Set Boundaries but do it the easy way

 It is quite hard for parents to keep track of their kid’s time being spent on the internet, they don’t even know which sites they are visiting. But we have a solution for you, you can use these parental controls guide for Windows and Mac to easily put restrictions on their internet use without stressing yourself.

  • Parental Control Guide for Windows
  • Parental Control Guide for Mac

Check out their Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook can hold common contact information of every user and with the use of privacy settings, users can control who can see it and who can’t. But if it is set to public everyone will be able to see the information and might even use it the wrong way. You need to see if your home address is listed on your kid’s Facebook, or their cell phone number and even the school they go to. If such information is not being kept private any stranger can easily see it and your child might become a victim.

With this simple guide you can set up Facebook privacy settings the way it should be set.

Change the position of the Computer

You need to change the position of the computer to somewhere where everyone could easy what they are doing. If your child will know that everyone walking past them can see what they are doing, they will not try to open any kind of nefarious websites and they will also not talk to any stranger who could be a danger for them.

You have to know what they are doing on their Smartphones, or the results could be disastrous!

As Smartphones are becoming quite common along with the applications designed for them, any concerned parent will monitor their kid’s cellular device to make sure they are safe on the internet. Teens are now using Smartphones for all their Social media activities. The privacy it provides is just what every teen wants and that is why they are switching to popular messaging services which are only supported by smartphones! This makes it easier to not use computers for their social media activities.

The Smartphone provides Ultra-Privacy, it is always in their hands or in their pockets making it impossible to know what they are up to. But luckily, you can now use a monitoring solution to keep a check on all their Smartphone activities.

What is the Monitoring Software Solution?

Well, there is a wide range of Smartphone monitoring apps that you can easily buy online, but the problem is most of them can’t do what they say and are just complete crap. So it is very important to get a software that could help you monitor everything on their phones before reaching for your credit card. A good monitoring software should be able to monitor all their pictures, messages, email, LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp and everything that is visible in their phone. After making sure that you can monitor everything, you also need to make sure that the software lets you monitor invisibly, of course you don’t want your kids to know you are watching them, right? If you do find such software with all these features included, then go for it as soon as possible, the more you will wait the more you will lose the information on their Smartphone. We provide a reliable monitoring solution and if you want proof you can see the reviews from industry experts and compare them with other such software developers, you will easily be able to see the difference.

A good monitoring system always comes with a money back guarantee as the developer is sure that their product is worth it. This makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase as they know there is nothing to lose. We have full confidence in our monitoring system and which is why we provide a 10-day money back guarantee. Read more about our post or see how SpyPhoneOnline can change your life!




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