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quote  The features that SpyPhoneOnline provides me with at the rates I’m paying, it’s a steal!

Glenda Green

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having problem with something? Would you like to find out how something works? Below are the questions and answers which we have collected over the year to help people solve their queries regarding SpyPhoneOnline. Read them to see if it solves your problem.

What is SpyPhoneOnline and how it works?

SpyPhoneOnline is a powerful and most innovative Cell phone monitoring software that you can install on any iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone. It works in complete invisible mode and uploads all phone usage data to SpyPhoneOnline online Control panel which can be accessed from anywhere via internet connection. You can also visit Quick Tour Page to get more information on how SpyPhoneOnline works.

Why would I need SpyPhoneOnline?

You need this software to monitor Cell Phone of your loved ones or employees effectively and also without them finding out.

Will monitored phone user find out that SpyPhoneOnline is installed in their phone?

SpyPhoneOnline works in Stealth mode so the monitored phone user will never see SpyPhoneOnline in their phone or anything similar to it.

I am afraid that target user might find out that I am monitoring.

You don’t have to worry about them finding out as SpyPhoneOnline works in complete invisible mode so they will never find out.

How can I know that SpyPhoneOnline will work on the phone which I would like to monitor?

As proved by our 100,000 existing customer, SpyPhoneOnline works on huge number of phones including all Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones. You can checkout Compatible Phone page to see the list of compatible phones.

After purchase will SpyPhoneOnline appear on my Credit card bill?

No, the name ‘SpyPhoneOnline’ will not be displayed on any credit card statements or bills.

Which payment methods are available?

All major Credit cards are accepted by us like MasterCard, VISA, American Express and we also support PayPal and Wire transfer.

What is the process for buying SpyPhoneOnline?

Just simply click on any Buy Now button and you will be directed to the page right away. It takes just few minutes to complete the process, to get more details you can go to How to Buy SpyPhoneOnline page.

Isn’t SpyPhoneOnline a bit too expensive?

As compare to other monitoring methods like surveillance equipment or private investigators, SpyPhoneOnline is practically a steal. It even costs you less than your daily cup of coffee.

How can I trust SpyPhoneOnline?

Over 100,000 happy customers already trust us so you can trust us. We have also been features by various popular media outlets. You can trust us because we have so much trust in SpyPhoneOnline satisfaction that we are offering double money back if not satisfied.

How can I find out SpyPhoneOnline will be useful for me?

If you need to spy on cell phone of your Employee or child while being totally invisible, SpyPhoneOnline will be the best tool for you. You can check out how our existing customers have been using their SpyPhoneOnline software by going to Testimonials page.

How can I be sure that SpyPhoneOnline works?

If you would like to find out right from our 100,000 customers you can take a look at Testimonials page. We have also been featured on various popular media outlets which show that SpyPhoneOnline is working good for many people.

To install SpyPhoneOnline will I need physical access to it?

In order to install SpyPhoneOnline in the monitored phone you need to have access of it once. After installation you can easily remotely control and monitor it without any need of physical access.

I am not that technical, would I be able to install SpyPhoneOnline too?

Yes, the installation process of SpyPhoneOnline is very simple; anyone can easily start monitoring as it guides you with every step. You don’t have to be a mobile expert to install StealthGenie. You can get more information by visiting How to Install SpyPhoneOnline page.

What will happen after I have purchased SpyPhoneOnline ?

After completing purchase, you will receive a welcome message from SpyPhoneOnline and login information, activation details and instructions for installation will be in it. You will also receive an email from our payment vendor confirming your payment. You can just follow the instructions provided to start monitoring in no time.

If I have a problem who should I contact?

If you are having problem with SpyPhoneOnline and you wish to have an instant solution, you can chat with one of our live customer support representative. You can get more information about customer support by visiting Support page.

Is there any Technical Support?

Yes, we have 24/7 dedicated live technical support. You can get more information on customer support on the Support page.

Will SpyPhoneOnline work on the phone which I would like to monitor?

SpyPhoneOnline works on almost all Cell phones and supports all networks. You can check out the phone which you would like to monitor on the Compatible Phones page.

How can I use SpyPhoneOnline after installation?

When the installation will be complete, you can monitor the phone by logging into your SpyPhoneOnline control panel. By going to Quick Tour page you can get more information on how Control panel works.

Before SpyPhoneOnline installation, does the target phone need to be rooted?

Rooting is not required for the installation and working of SpyPhoneOnline but if you would like to use ‘Whatsapp’ or ‘Gmail’ monitoring features then you will have to root it.

Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone before installing spyphoneonline?

Yes, the monitored phone will need to be jailbroken, you can get information on how to jailbreak iPhone over the internet.

Can I switch the license to another phone if the target phone gets broken?

Yes, your SpyPhoneOnline account can easily be transferred to another phone by contacting 24/7 customer support team.

Under one license is it possible to switch phone?

Yes, you can switch your SpyPhoneOnline account to a different phone if you still have time left in your license. You can do this by contacting our 24/7 customer support team.

What is SpyPhoneOnline refund policy?

You can click here to read about SpyPhoneOnline refund policy.

What is SPO?

SPO is the name of the SpyPhoneOnline control panel. To view the uploaded information you will have to login to your spo account. You can check out Quick Tour page or Live Demo to get a better idea.

Why have I not received installation instructions yet, I have already purchased the license?

First make sure you check the ‘junk mail’ or ‘spam’ folders of your email because sometimes your email provided might send unknown emails to these folders. If you still haven’t received SpyPhoneOnline email, you can always contact our 24/7 live customer support or visit Support page.