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Legal Policies

BILLING POLICY If you have subscribed using a credit card, we will charge your credit card automatically according to your subscription and renewal of your subscription, subscription cost and any taxes involved in using SpyPhoneOnline software. If any fee is not paid in time or we are unable to make the transaction using the information of credit card provided by you, we have the right to revoke access to your SpyPhoneOnline Control panel and use of SpyPhoneOnline software. After providing the notification that your account is in arrears, you do not bring your SpyPhoneOnline balance current in thirty (30) days, we have a right to terminate or suspend access to your SpyPhoneOnline account. You will have to pay all past due amounts. If you would like to use another credit card or update current credit card information, you can edit it by accessing your SpyPhoneOnline Account page. If your credit card expires while using, and you continue using SpyPhoneOnline service gives us the authorization to keep billing that credit card and you will be responsible for any uncollected amounts. It is the responsibility of yours to keep your payment and contact information current and updated. By signing up for a SpyPhoneOnline account, you hereby agree to all of these payments terms and conditions.

REFUND POLICY On purchasing SpyPhoneOnline software this policy will be applied. Before buying any of subscription please read these terms carefully as it contain important information regarding your rights along with inclusions and restrictions related to your purchase. By ordering, you agree that your purchase is in influence to these policies.

iPHONE JAILBREAK If you are going to install SpyPhoneOnline in an iPhone, you MUST have to jailbreak it first. SpyPhoneOnline cannot work on an iPhone which has not been jail broken. You can click here to learn more about jail breaking an iPhone.

Updating iOS If the target phone user updates his iPhone to the new iOS version, you can again install SpyPhoneOnline software in the device if the monitored iPhone is jailbroken. If there is not jailbreak option in the iOS which target user updated, SpyPhoneOnline software will NOT work on that specific iPhone.

CHECK AVAILABLE FEATURES Please note that some features which are offered by SpyPhoneOnline software are not available in all platforms. Before you will buy SpyPhoneOnline software, please make sure that all the available features are available for your mobile or tablet. You can click here to view the list of features available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets.

BBM CHATS Due to some limitations on some Blackberry phones, BBM chats might not be recorded or uploaded to your SpyPhoneOnline account. This issue is limited by the specific Blackberry phones and SpyPhoneOnline has nothing to do with this issue. Is such scenario, only BBM chats will not be uploaded, all other features available in the Blackberry package will work properly.

GENERAL If you will be having any problem with downloading, installing, activating or usage of SpyPhoneOnline service, we will guide you and will help you fix any problem and you may also have a right to get a full refund in some cases. If the problem cannot be fixed by us, and you wish for a refund, following policies will be applied.

REFUND CONDITIONS To be applicable for the refund policy, you must have to contact us within seven (7) days from the date when the SpyPhoneOnline service was purchased. If you fail to contact us and tell us about any problems within first 7days from the purchasing date of SpyPhoneOnline service, the refund policy will not be applied.

PARTAIL REFUNDS We have the right to hold a portion of the subscription fees if the refunds fall in following situations. 1. If after purchasing SpyPhoneOnline you realize that some features are not available on the target phone or tablet, we will retain 20% of subscription. 2. If after purchasing SpyPhoneOnline, you have changed your mind and would not like to monitor the target phone or tablet anymore, we will retain 20% of subscription amount. 3. If you will claim that someone else has used the information of your credit card to buy SpyPhoneOnline without your permission or notice, we will retain 20% of subscription amount. 4. If you cannot log in to your BBM chats because of some limitations on your Blackberry phone, we will return 20% of the subscription but the SpyPhoneOnline service will not be terminated. 5. If you have bought an iPhone package but now you don’t want to jailbreak the target iPhone which is important for the working of SpyPhoneOnline software, we will retain 25% of the subscription amount. 6. If the user which you would like to monitor updates the iPhone to the latest iOS version which cannot be jailbroken, we will hold 25% of the subscription amount. 7. If you do not have physical access to the phone which you would like to monitor anymore (this is important for installing SpyPhoneOnline), we will hold 40% of the subscription amount. 8. If you are asking for refund for any reason after 7 days of purchase of SpyPhoneOnline service, we will hold 40% of the subscription. 9. If you would like to use a feature which is available only on rooted on Android phone and you do not want to root target device, we will hold 40% of subscription amount.

MULTIPLE PURCHASES 1. The refund will only be applied to the first subscription of SpyPhoneOnline. Refund will not be available for any additional purchases or more than one subscription at a time. 2. Your amount may be refund only once. If you subscribe for SpyPhoneOnline service in later time again, refund request will not be accepted.

NO-REFUND SCENARIOS Situation over which we do not have control will not be accepted as a reason for refund. Following scenarios are included in it. 1. If the buyer of SpyPhoneOnline software refuses to upgrade SpyPhoneOnline to its latest version in a situation of upgrade on the monitored phone. 2. In the situation if the target phone user has flashed the memory of phone or restores it to factory settings. 3. If the monitored phone or the operating system of the phone is not compatible with the requirements of SpyPhoneOnline or the target user changes the target phone or its OS to the one which doesn’t work with SpyPhoneOnline. 4. If the internet connection is not available on the target phone due to any reason (service interruption, roaming problems, no credit in phone`s account etc.) 5. If the customer doesn’t follow the instructions related to installation and troubleshooting of SpyPhoneOnline provided by our customer support team. 6. If the data is not uploaded before the installation of the app. 7. Personal reasons which have nothing to do with the operations (“I have the purchase by mistake”, “I have changed my mind” etc) of SpyPhoneOnline.

REFUND PROCEDURE To request a refund, you can send an email to our billing department at [email protected] or go to our customer support section and create a ticket. Refund request will not be accepted through live chat. We will reply to you with a decision between 1-3 business days.